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Sichuan Broccoli + Tofu Recipe


white mushrooms (sliced)
wood ear mushrooms (optional)
broccoli (florets)
garlic (thinly sliced)
oil (vegetable or blended)
tofu (fried)
brown or white rice
Sichuan peppercorns (chili flakes + crushed Sichuan peppercorns cooked in oil to extract flavor)
Red Chili oil (at home hack – red chili flakes cooked in half blended oil half sesame oil)
Unagi Sauce* (available for purchase at The Beet – or substitute a sweet soy sauce) 
*Note contains Oyster sauce
Orange oil (orange zest + blended oil)
Cilantro - fresh
Crispy Shallots (optional)


White mushrooms - clean with dry paper towel, (do not rinse with water) slice, sauté with butter + garlic
Wood Ear mushrooms – (mostly available dehydrated) rehydrate in boiling water for 10 -12 minutes
Broccoli – cut into florets – toss with olive oil + salt, char in 500 degree oven for 8 minutes
Tofu – cut into cubes + fry in hot oil
Rice – cook to instructions on packaging

Heat pan over medium low heat adding oil + lightly brown garlic, let the sizzle then add the already fried tofu
Add orange oil + Sichuan chili oil
Add mushrooms + stir
Add broccoli + stir to combine flavors
Heat everything together for 5 minutes on medium heat
Add unagi or sweet soy
Add sesame chili oil
Finish with crispy shallots + whole cilantro

Enjoy the 'Ma La' (numbing + spicy, respectively) mouth sensation that the Sichuan peppercorn brings out in this delicious dish.

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