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Squid Ink Risotto Recipe


Vegetable oil
White Wine - dry
Carnaroli Rice (or Arborio rice)
Fumet (Fish Stock) – made with fish bodies from the fish monger, mirepoix (onion, carrot, celery) 
Squid Ink (Cuttlefish ink – more common)
Calamari (raw – tubes + tentacles)
Gulf Shrimp (raw  quartered)
Lemon (1 whole cut in half)
Parmesan - grated
Parsley - chopped
Chives - chopped
Crushed Red Pepper to taste
Salt + Pepper to taste


Medium sized pot with rounded bottom (this is key for the stirring the rice)
Sauté chopped onions + garlic with a blend of olive oil + vegetable oil + butter
Add rice and toast in the oil
'Deglaze' the pan with white wine
Add Fumet in stages about a cup at a time
Add the squid ink and continue to add fumet 
Add squid + shrimp
Add more fumet
Turn off the heat, cover + let sit for 5 minutes (now drink wine:)
Add lemon, chive, parsley + parmesan combine with rice (also add all 3 as garnish)

Enjoy with a dry, crisp white wine. We recommend Domaine Skouras 'Zoe' a delicious Greek white blend of Roditis + Moscofilero grapes. Zoe is only available at The Beet on Nantucket.

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